Born in Burundi, Pharman Nigere is a Sweden based multi-disciplinary Consultant with a passion for helping organisations and startups grow. He specialises in designing & implementing organisations’ growth strategies/concepts and developing multimedia content for digital communications, social media, journalism, visual arts, and humanitarian aid; with experience in Europe, and East & West Africa.

For over 6 years, he has partnered with global aid organisations, NGOs, international corporations, and private businesses to help them sell products and services or document activities/work being done and its impact in communities. His work has been recognised by the German corporation for international cooperation (GIZ), 350.org, UNDP, SPARK, BRUSSELS AIRLINES, TEACH FOR SWEDEN, DELPHY, INTERNATIONAL LEADERSHIP FOUNDATION, LIFENET INTERNATIONAL, INTERCONTACT SERVICES, and more.

He believes in the power of giving back and advocates for the SDGs, which is why in his spare time, he devotes some time to address global challenges in local contexts as a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community, in the Stockholm Hub.

He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with Marketing as the main focus, at the International Leadership University and speaks fluently 6 languages: Kirundi | Kinyarwanda | English | French | Swedish | Swahili.


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Consumer & Category Insight

Data Science

Business & Brand Insight

Opportunity Scoping & Mapping

Consumer Journey Evaluation

Innovation Concepts

Brand Positioning & Architecture

aBrand Essence / Narrative


Consumer Experience Strategy

Corporate & Visual Identity

Design & Brand Expression

Concept Development

Content Development

Go-to-market Strategy


Web Design & Development

Digital & Social Media Management

Corporate & Product Film/video


Digital & Promotional Campaigns

Company presentations

Non-profit Outreach Programs/Campaigns




I strive to transform organisations into persuasive and caring brands, by figuring out how they can better connect and relate to their existing and future clients. This is achieved by merging service, strategy, and innovation to design and build strategic brand narratives driving growth through sustainable partnerships and user community advocacy.

Pharman dives deep into data to gain a clear understanding of challenges or opportunities related to brand narratives, products, and services; seize them to create value and meaning for businesses and organisations to connect with their consumers, evolve and grow.

A brand narrative is an organisation’s most valuable asset. It can set a business apart from the competition, drive sustainable growth and loyalty. He gathers insights and thinks strategically to lay a  foundation for growth, in collaboration with key stakeholders.

He then builds a strategic and compelling brand narrative around a business or organisation’s product, program, and service; designed to communicate the brand essence meaningfully, connect, and create experiences with existing & potential future consumers.

He finally brings the brand narrative to life by distributing the agreed upon strategy across all channels and plans the overall stakeholder engagement and involvement process.

Brand narrative is the story of the ideas, experiences and values that represent the tangible, authentic depth and integrity of the brand’s relationship with its consumer. This visual investigation into storytelling and content strategy shows how marketing is now, more than ever, about meaning and experience.

Colin Campbell & Jonathan Simpson-Bint


Working with Pharman was a wonderful experience. We did a photo shoot for my fashion brand that turned out amazingly beautiful. He goes into details and makes sure he gets that perfect shot. Very high Quality work!


I worked with Pharman on the GIZ PAGGF Project, creating its photo library. He has demonstrated his willingness, professionalism, expertise, and a sense of creativity and spontaneity in the accomplishment of his tasks.

I had the pleasure to work together with Pharman as his client on our project to redefine our organizational culture (vision, mission, value) and to develop hands-on recommendations for implementation. He impressed with his exceptional analytical skills and his desire to understand the core of the problem. His questions always explored the root of the problem and his answers were always on point. That way he helped us to achieve outstanding results. I thank him for his fantastic work and valuable input to make our company better.
Felix Götz von Olenhusen, Director Business Development at Hannecke Display Systems


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