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A Product Catalog – OAA

Opportunities Across Africa (OAA) is a partnering organization of the All Across Africa, a multinational nonprofit organization that connects artisans with international value chains in developed countries, provides education and training to vulnerable men, women, and children to create long-term livelihoods, sustain, support communities, and holistically empower.

Funded by the UNDP in Burundi, OAA works to help local women export naturally dyed baskets, bracelets, and jewelry to markets in the United States and elsewhere. This is achieved through a series of training offered to women cooperatives, teaching them how to design and meet the minimum quality standards for exports outside of Burundi.

As part of its annual report, the organization commissioned Pharman to visually document its activities throughout the country, produce a product catalog as a supporting document to present to the donors and for various communication purposes, including marketing abroad.


Graphic Design | Photography


Graphic Design



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